Dark Commandos

(2001) fan movie series

Directed by:
Tom Sanders

Plot Summary:
The Dark Commandos ("DC") are a team of vampires working as an elite covert assassination and special ops unit for the United States government. Naturally this is a highly secret group. Their identities and very existence are known only to a handful of top brass, and their orders come directly from the Oval Office. The group has been active for more than half a century, since their original member -- a then five hundred year old vampire -- was captured from the Nazis, who had first pursued the myth of his existence and finally found him buried in Europe. America's plans for this creature of the night were not unlike Hitler's scheme: to raise an "Undead Brigade" -- a nearly invincible team of soldiers possessing devastating supernatural powers.

Justin Neal Thompson …. Non Gage
Christopher Boicelli …. Ed Torin
Bradley Upton …. Dreyfuss
Amber Phillips …. Sue Janic
Jason Cole …. Dwight
Starr Jones …. Caroline
Nikki Parker …. Liz
Warren Davis …. Bobby
Jeff LeBeau …. President Martin Fuller
Ken Salley …. Vice President Christopher Sheehan
Lance Jeffries …. Deputy CIA Director Fisher Prescott

Guest Starring — Episode 5
Michael J. McPhillips as "Father Paul"


Dark Commandos is an “Internet-only” movie which means that it is (a) cheap, (b) has no well-known stars, (c) poor special effects and (d) is curiously watchable. 

Okay, so most “Internet-only” movies aren’t exactly watchable, but I found sitting through Dark Commandos to be less of an ordeal than is the case with similar zero-budget movies.

Dark Commandos is an ambitious effort about an undercover “black ops” squad of vampires under the direct command of the President of the United States. No, not the IRS, but guys going round blowing stuff up, rescuing the Vice President’s daughter from demented kidnappers and so forth. (We know this is all fantasy of course since the American Vice President is a black.)

There are no “real” sets: all the backgrounds are computer-generated, a bit like Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow and Revenge of the Sith. Except those were good and here they look like computer game graphics from the 486 CPU era: all clunky, pixellated and obviously fake.

Still, I was kind of interested to know what happens next (I only watched seven of the five minute episodes) and why the Vice President would make ancient jabs about “semen-stained” dresses. That’s all so, well, 1990s and seems rather petty compared to “lying about Weapons of Mass Destruction so that we can invade a country for its oil”.

Check out Dark Commandos at their website at Just don’t expect any big budget-type production values or anything profound (why do indie film-makers nowadays try to imitate mainstream Hollywood instead of making their own statements?) and you won’t be too sorry about the time you spent downloading it.



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