The Final Cut (2004)

Starring: Robin Williams, Mira Sorvino, Jim Caviezel
Director: Omar Naim

U.S. Opening Date: October 15, 2004


Here is something intriguing: a serious sci-fi movie with some interesting ideas (read the plot summary below to see what I mean). Could this be a possible Gattaca? One can only be hopeful that it won’t be a saccharine overdose like Bicentennial Man and a lot of other Robin Williams output and something like his One Hour Photo or Insomnia instead.

But Williams have been trying hard to overcome his stereotyping as a manic overacting comic actor and with some success too. Funny (as in weird, not ha-ha) how comic actors always want to do something “serious” instead – take as example Bill Murray, Jim Carrey and some of Woody Allen’s dramatic output such as Interiors and the like. Anyway, doesn’t Williams just look completely understated here?

Sure, audiences prefer to see them in the type of comic roles that made them famous, but then they would have missed out on efforts like Lost in Translation, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, The Truman Show and Insomnia. I’m just glad that Williams has moved away from soppy movies such as Jakob the Liar and Patch Adams. Hopefully The Final Cut will continue this trend – otherwise my medical aid is going to inquire about all those insulin shots I had to take during past Robin Williams pics . . .

Plot Summary for The Final Cut (2004):

A Zoë Chip is chip placed in your brain at birth to record your entire life. When you die, the footage from your life is edited into a “Rememory”-- a film shown at your funeral pieced together by an editor. A toy for the privileged, Zoë Chips are changing the face of human interaction, but there are those who are against this emerging technology, and believe that memories are meant to fade.

Alan Hackman (Robin Williams) is the best “cutter” in the business, his ability to grant the corrupt absolution of the sins of his clients, has put him in high demand. However, his talent for viewing life without emotion has shaped him into a cold distant man and has made him unable to experience life in the first person. He believes he is a “sin eater” and his work provides him with the ability to absolve the dead of their sins.

While cutting a Rememory for a high-powered Eye Tech lawyer, Alan discovers an image from his childhood that has haunted him his entire life. This discovery leads him on a high intensity search for truth and redemption.




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