White Noise (2005)

Starring: Michael Keaton, Deborah Kara Unger, Ian McNeice, Chandra West , et al.
Director: Geoffrey Sax

Opening Date: January 7, 2005

White Noise? No, not your noisy neighbours. Or an excellent (and unrelated) novel by Don De Lillo which everyone should read, but rather the first movie to star funny man Michael Keaton (Batman, Beetlejuice) in quite a while.

I’d love to see Keaton in a funny movie, but this isn’t it. Instead it appears to be 2005’s The Forgotten, an X-Files rip-off that you’d feel better about seeing on video than forking out the price of a movie ticket for. (Read the plot synopsis further on down. Now where have we seen all this before?) 

OK, if there is some kind of clever M. Night Shyamalan-style twist it might redeem the movie, but it all seems rather unlikely.

Yawn, where when you think about it, the X-Files has a lot to answer for . . .

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Plot Summary for White Noise

MICHAEL KEATON plays a successful architect Jonathan Rivers, whose peaceful existence is shattered by the unexplained disappearance and death of his wife, Anna (CHANDRA WEST). Jonathan is eventually contacted by a man (IAN MCNIECE), who claims to be receiving messages from Anna through EVP, the process through which the dead communicate with the living through household recording devices. These extraordinary recordings, captured by people all over the world, seem to confirm what many of us have dared to believe: it is possible for the dead to communicate with us. At first sceptical, Jonathan then becomes convinced of the messages’ validity, and is soon obsessed with trying to contact her on his own. His further explorations into EVP and the accompanying supernatural messages unwittingly open a door to another world, allowing something uninvited into his life.



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