Alien Siege (2004)

Actors: Carl Weathers, Brad Johnson, Nathan Anderson, Lilas Lane, Erin Ross
Robert Stadd
Color, Dolby, DVD-Video, Enhanced, Widescreen, NTSC
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Run Time:
89 minutes



This made-for-the-Sci-Fi Channel movie now released on DVD has a little neat B-movie concept behind it.

An advanced alien race needs the blood of about eight million human beings to save their own dying planet. Unfortunately we're not talking the biggest blood drive of all times here as the process employed by the aliens reduces the human subject to a solid blob of blood globules, killing him or her instantly in the process.

Of course Earth doesn't take kindly to this sort of thing and resists, but is blasted into submission by the aliens' superior technology. Several countries, including the United States, then implement the one lottery you would not want to win, a bit like being drafted back in the 'Sixties. If you win, you lose and become one of the unlucky eight million humans to be used by the aliens.

Alien Siege however does little with this concept and degenerates into an idiotic action flick. A father's only daughter is selected and he tries to save her, enlisting the help of the so-called "Resistance" in the process. (Funny how there always is one in sci-fi movies nowadays, a tradition no doubt begun by the Rebels in Star Wars.)

With a more creative screenplay, Alien Siege could have been much more interesting than it is though. One plot synopsis on mentions a doomsday device over the North Pole which the aliens say they'll activate to destroy the planet if the Earth doesn't supply enough victims.

However, if the Earth does comply, the device will become a power supply capable of meeting all of its needs for the next 300 years. I must have dozed off at this part of the movie because I missed this particular plot detail, but throughout Alien Siege I wondered how much better Alien Siege could have been if it had a more creative screenplay.

What if there was no doomsday device? What if the Earth simply gave up the eight million in exchange for alien technology? I'm sure that right now there are several dozens of countries that wouldn't mind handing over pesky dissidents, ethnic minority groups, the poor or criminal classes in exchange for a perpetual power supply for the next three centuries. Am I pessimistic about human nature when we say this? I don't think so . . .

What if the aliens were genuinely nice guys being forced into a horrendous situation? Would you sacrifice completely strangers to save your own friends and family? In Alien Siege there is some hints at this "what would you Earthlings have done any differently?" theme, but is never developed. Instead the aliens are mostly just stock bad guys, proto-Nazis.

Thus we get the usual humans fighting an alien race that seems curiously stupid for ones with technology advanced enough to travel several billions of light years to get to the Earth storyline. Plus like all alien invaders they are really lousy shots and in this particular case look entirely human except they have white eye brows (no, really).

OK, fair enough. Alien Siege suffers from a low budget so probably couldn't afford decent alien makeup designs, but even the most underpaid hack can deliver a better screenplay than this piece of prime idiocy.

A pity, since we kinda liked the original concept . . .



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