Avatar The Last Airbender - Book 2 Earth, Vol. 3 (2005)

Actors: Joe Michael Burke, Cliff De Young, Robert Rusler, Mitchell Burns, Amy Briede
Directors: Fritz Kiersch

Format: Color, NTSC
Region 1 (U.S. and Canada only)
Aspect Ratio:
Number of discs:
Paramount Home Video
DVD Release Date:
May 22, 2007
Run Time:
120 minutes



It's the latest installment in what seems to be one of fantasydom's most closely guarded secrets - it is such a great series that one is surprised when no-one seems to know about it! It is however a secret with which you'll be all the happier with yourself if you have uncovered it . . .

Avatar - The Last Airbender is an animated series made especially for the Nickelodeon TV channel. It may look like anime, but it isn't: it is actually produced in the States (and animated in South Korea, just like The Simpsons). It tells the epic narrative - you'll have to watch it all in sequence - of a boy with magical superpowers who must save an ancient kingdom from a hundred years' war.

Children will love it of course, but adults will find plenty to appreciate as well: the show displays uncommon wit and affection in its portrayal of the main characters. Fantasy/sci-fi types will love the way its epic narrative reminds one of a grand series of fantasy books, episodes acting as cliff-hanging chapters as its complex and multi-layered storyline slowly unfurls.

THE DISCS: You get five episodes, namely The Desert, Journey to Ba Sing Se Parts 1 and 2, City of Walls and Secrets and Tales of Ba Sing Se. Running time is a satisfying 120 minutes or so.

The animation is lovely and looks great in the full screen transfer. There are some audio commentaries.

RECOMMENDATION: While Avatar may be influenced by anime even those weary of the genre and its clichés and conventions should give it a shot. It is however recommended that if you're a newbie to skip this DVD and start the series right at the series? beginning. Long-time fans would no doubt already have pre-ordered this disc.



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