La Femme Nikita - The Complete Fourth Season (1997)

Actors: Peta Wilson, Roy Dupuis, Don Francks, Matthew Ferguson, Eugene Robert Glazer
Directors:  Ren?Bonni?e, Chris Gross

Format: Box set, Closed-captioned, Color, Subtitled, NTSC
Region 1 (U.S. and Canada only)
Number of discs:
Run Time:
975 minutes

DVD Features:

  • Available Subtitles: English, Spanish, French
  • Available Audio Tracks: English (Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo)
  • 22 episodes on six discs
  • Commentary by director Brad Turner and actor Eugene Robert Glazer on Time to Be Heroes
  • Commentary by writer Peter Lenkov and actor Eugene Robert Glazer on Sympathy for the Devil
  • Canceled scenes with commentary by Christopher Heyn
  • Gag reel



An ultra-secret spy agency that only employs good-looking people in the latest and most trendy outfits!

Yup, we're referring to the now defunct mid-1990s TV show La Femme Nikita, vaguely based on the French movie Nikita. You probably know the basic plot outline: a statuesque blonde (played here by Peta Wilson) is wrongfully accused of a brutal murder she didn't commit. A top secret very hush hush high-tech spy agency simply called Section makes her disappear so that she can become a highly trained assassin for them.

Only problem is that since she never committed the murder she was accused of, she doesn't exactly fit the killer instinct type personality profile that Section requires of her and to finally complicate matters she falls in love with an emotionally constipated fellow operative named Michael.

Not exactly a sci-fi show, it did appeal to fans of the genre because it regularly featured SF devices such as remote controlled cars, virtual reality chambers, mind control procedures and so forth. This fourth season was to be its last, but after fans put up a row, the original cast and creators were reunited for a fifth season that ran only eight episodes. Those eight episodes however aren't included on this box set which is peculiar since it makes no sense bringing out another box set for so few episodes.

If you're a newbie then Season Four isn't the place to start: it picks up where a Season Three cliff-hanger left off, with Nikita being brainwashed into a cold and emotionless killer by the two shady operatives running Section. "At least that's her excuse, but what's his?" I complained to my wife of actor Roy Dupuis's stilted minimalist performance as her boyfriend, Michael. "He's intense," she argued. Poker-faced however doesn't even begin to describe Dupois's emotionless demeanor . . .

THE DISCS: Episodes are presented in the original full screen aspect ratio in which it was broadcast. Sound is decent, but the image does have occasional grain, no doubt because of the show's source video recordings.

WORTH IT? To be honest I could never get past the off-putting stiffness of the show's leads (Dupois wasn't the only offender) and won't count myself as being amongst the show's many fans.

RECOMMENDATION: Newbies should check out Season One. Fans will no doubt ignore this review and buy the set in any case.



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