Unsolved Mysteries: Ghosts

Starring: Robert Stack
DVD Special Features:
Introduction by John Cosgrove and Terry Dunn Meurer; Audio Commentary for Select Episodes by Series Producers/Creators/Directors; Motion Menus; A Special Tribute to Robert Stack; 5.1 Surround Sound; Original 4:3 Full Screen Format
Region 1 (U.S. and Canada only)
Number of Discs:

Episode Listing

Disc 1 - Frendly Ghost, Resurrection Mary, Matchmaker Ghost, Queen Mary Ghosts (includes commentary), Grace's Ghost, Voice From the Grave, Ghosts Go to Court (includes commentary), The Entity, Ghost Boy.

Disc 2 -
Black Hope Ghost (includes commentary), Tallman's Ghost, Ghost Blimp, Gordy's Ghost (includes commentary), Highway Vision, Civil War Ghosts, Profiling the Paranormal, Ghost Lights.

Disc 3
- Lizzie Borden's House, Tatum's Ghost, Ghostly Attraction, Ghost Writer, Mary Celeste, Comedy Store Ghosts, Myrtles Plantation (includes commentary), General Wayne's Inn (includes commentary), Devil's Backbone.

Disc 4
- Gettysburg Ghost (includes commentary), Frightened Family, Moss Beach Ghost, Lady in Black, Bullock's Deadwood, Lake Wales Haunting, Mystery Hum (includes commentary), Always Karen.



Would it surprise you to know that Unsolved Mysteries is one of the longest running television series of all time?

From 1987 until his death in 2003, Robert Stack (probably best known as the original Eliot Ness in the 1950s TV series, The Untouchables) hosted this show that explored the paranormal - one part documentary, one part investigative report, and another part re-enactment drama. Although the show continues on and has added murder investigation to its genre coverage, a number of Unsolved Mysteries segments, which were hosted by Robert Stack, are now available on DVD, grouped by paranormal genre.

Two box sets - The UFO Files and Scariest Ghost Stories - are now available with a third box set ? Miracles - coming in November. Psychics, Bizarre Murders and Legends will be available in 2005. Each DVD contains numerous 10-minute segments, each of which outlining a paranormal event.

Scariest Ghost Stories. With a title like that, one might expect to be scared witless on viewing Unsolved Mysteries segments about ghostly encounters. Unfortunately, compared to the balanced and reasonable approach taken by The UFO Files, Scariest Ghost Stories is a major disappointment.

Interviews with witnesses are uneven from segment to segment. There isn't a stringent credibility test. Segment quality varies from case to case. The more spine-tingling cases are those where the "ghostbusters march in with their sensor equipment and actually pick up hot spots, cold spots or ghostly recordings. Best example is a segment about the Queen Mary where Unsolved Mysteries investigators actually recorded some ghostly and unexplained sounds.

The unintentionally funny segments are those where witnesses aren't particularly convincing about their encounter. Even with a cheesy re-enactment replete with hokey special effects, some witnesses just don't have a particularly compelling story about their encounter with a ghost.

This collection is notably inferior to the UFO collection because the producers didn't take the same scientific documentary approach here. Many of the Ghost Stories segments end up being simple video diaries backed by low quality re-enactments. The experts aren't into investigation here ? they just offer the occasional sound bite. In one segment, The Entity, the witnesses actually offer their haunted house for inspection - but for some unexplained reason, the challenge isn't taken up by Unsolved Mysteries! They're happy with a re-enactment; no need to do any actual research here!

WORTH IT? Not scary. Not even well done as a documentary! The only unsolved mystery is why these segments are so inferior to the UFO collection . . .

RECOMMENDATION: Wait for a re-run on TV because you're not going to be watching this DVD over and over.

- Harrison Cheung



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