Unsolved Mysteries: Ghosts

Starring: Robert Stack
Number of discs:
Encoding: Region 1 (Canada and US)
DVD special features: Introduction by John Cosgrove and Terry Dunn Meurer; Audio Commentary for select episodes by series Producers/Creators/Directors; Motion menus; 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound; Original 4:3 Full Screen Format

Episode Listing:

Disc 1 -- Cop Killer plus Update; Boston Strangler II; Texas Most Wanted plus Update; Trailer Terror; Bad Chief plus Update; Marie Hilley; Journalists? Murder

Disc 2 -- Scared To Death; Murdered Heiress; Unicorn's Secret plus Update; Women's Prison Killing; Skull Duggery
Backyard Bones; World Leaders; Burning Bed

Disc 3 -- Mistake Hit; Friends To The End; Whistle Blown; Richard's Rampage plus Update; Plane Crash Sabotage; Burned Evidence; Jesse James Hollywood; Two Mary Murders

Disc 4 -- Bordello Murders; Campus Murder Expose; Dakota's Double Death; Margo Freshwater plus Update; Zodiac/Unabomber; The Other Intern; Social Security Murder plus Update; Civil Rights Murders; Campus Calamity




Unsolved Mysteries' latest disc set continues its appeal as a guilty pleasure for those who love to watch true crime dramas and re-creations.

Hosted by the late Robert Stack, the ?Bizarre Murder? series suffers from feeling like an out-of-date America's Most Wanted - the TV show that broadcast crime re-creations, looking for the public's help in catching the criminal. Some of these murders happened years ago so even their ?updates? were made years past.

This 4-disc set contains 33 episodes of bizarre murders. It's not really clear why these murders were classified as bizarre. Some of them remain unresolved; all of them were tragic. Some of the murders were very high profile, making national and international news - The Boston Strangler? The Unabomber? But this disc set feels very uneven as both small town murders and splashy, notorious murders get the earnest re-creation and next-of-kin interviews treatment.

The problem with this Bizarre Murders series is that, unlike the paranormal topics (UFOs, psychics, and ghosts) covered by Unsolved Mysteries, these murders are tragedies with little mystery aside from a whodunit or an elusive motive. When aired originally on TV, Unsolved Mysteries would have a mishmash of vignettes - a variety of oddities. By grouping them into genres, Bizarre Murders gets short shrift as the most grounded. Murders are terrible things, but aliens, ghosts or psychics aren't committing them. So unless true crime is a passion, watching Unsolved Mysteries: Bizarre Mysteries is like reading old newspapers.

However, one cool thing about watching a TV series like this is to spot some future celebrity pay his/her dues. In Texas Most Wanted you'll spot none other than a very young Matthew McConaughey (Contact, Reign of Fire) playing a murder victim.

- Harrison Cheung



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