(One of the demonic creatures
in the upcoming action-fantasy film Fading
of the Cries)

Q: What was it like working with Brad Dourif who is such a seasoned acting veteran?

Brian A. Metcalf: Working with Brad was a dream come true. I specifically had him in mind for this role many years ago when I saw him as The Gemini Killer in The Exorcist 3. I wanted a seasoned actor who had been in this genre before but was also very trained theatrically to handle the heavy dialogue his character has.

Many people recognize Brad as the voice of Chucky in the Child's Play films and forget that Brad received an Academy Award Nomination for One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. His intensity mixed with his passion to be the character Mathias was extremely amazing. For myself, having a vision as to what I wanted him to play and having him take that above and beyond all my expectations was truly fascinating. He injected such detail into his character. Since we worked so well on this film, he and I have discussed doing other projects together in the future.

Q: Can you tell me a bit more about the rest of the cast?

The entire cast was absolutely amazing. They all worked so hard on this film that I am truly humbled by the talent and devotion they all gave. They all added their personalities to the characters presented to them and seemed to give them really good life. In addition, every one of these actors had very physically demanding roles requiring them to run, fight, fall, etc.

"I specifically had Brad Dourif in mind after seeing him in The Exorcist 3!"

This was the first film role for Jordan Matthews, who was theatrically trained, who came in and worked extremely hard on all aspects of his character. Karoline Kautz, Thomas Nicholas and myself who acted as producers had looked at a number of more known actors to fill the role. But when Jordan came in and did the audition, I knew immediately this was the person for the role of Jacob, especially since I was extremely specific as to what I wanted for that character.

Thomas Ian Nicholas, who served double duty as producer and playing the role of Michael, knew very much from the beginning what I was looking for in his character. He and I had made a trailer seven years ago of this film in order to convince investors into getting it made. So we had been talking about this project for quite some time. We had a number of times where we thought the film would get made and for one reason or another it was stalled, so it was quite exciting for us when we really did lock down our investors. He really took a different style than from his normal acting style.

Jordan, Brad and Thomas all spent many weeks and long hours training for all the weapon fighting they did in the film, so it was quite a fun experience watching them practice and get really good at their characters' weapons.

For the role of Sarah, we had gone through an intense auditioning process and were struggling to find the right person. Actress Hallee Hirsh came in and did and nailed the audition immediately.

Elaine Hendrix, playing Maggie, came towards the end. She and I had a discussion over her character and we were thinking quite closely of the same type of personality for her character. The hardest part was trying to make her look older because she looked too young for a mother of children that age. But she was great in it.

Mackenzie Rosman, who was on the show 7th Heaven, was the perfect role for Jill, the younger sister. She seemed to really fit in with that character immediately.

No release date has as yet been set for Fading of the Cries, although a 2010 release date has been envisaged.



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