#3 DISTRICT 9 (2009)

What’s it about? Aliens from another planet are stranded on Earth. Johannesburg, South Africa to be specific.

Why? Some may see it as a heavy-handed metaphor for Apartheid, but District 9 is also exciting filmmaking in which things get blown up real good!

#2 THE FOUNTAIN (2006)

What’s it about? Who really knows? It’s the most willfully obscure movie since Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey! Something about a tree floating in space . . .

Why? It deals with Grief and Death in profound and startling ways . . .


What’s it about? Humanity is doomed to extinction as women can no longer bear children for some unexplained reason.

Why? It was a tossup between The Fountain and this movie for the number one spot, but since The Fountain is of such a limited appeal – you either get it or you don’t – that we thought that Children of Men is a better number one.

Adjectives such as “poignant” and “genuinely moving” were used to describe Alfonso Cuarón’s bleak epic starring Clive Owen and Julianne Moore – not exactly the sort of language one hears when people speak of science fiction, but proof of the genre’s resilience and diversity. After all, there’s more to sci-fi than spaceships and aliens . . . webmaster James O’Ehley explains his choices

Most lists court controversy by their very nature. How can you leave out [insert movie title]? How dare you say [insert movie title] is better than [insert movie title]?

I tried to make this list more positive by adding some obscure movie titles that I believe deserve a bigger audience. Sure, some titles on this list are outright cult items (Donnie Darko, etc.) but some cults - as opposed to The Moonies or Scientology - are actually worth belonging to.

My rules:

a.) No fantasy titles. Hence no Lord of the Rings.

b.) No horror titles. Okay, so I broke that one by including The Mist, but there is no way I could have omitted that title!

c.) No superhero movies – even though it could be argued that movies like Watchmen and V for Vendetta are more SF than anything else.

d.) Personal favorites only. No sci-fi movies that are chosen for reasons of historical importance such as Avatar (for its outstanding special effects), Revenge of the Sith (for being the last Star Wars movie) and Star Trek (for saving Gene Roddenberry’s fictional universe from oblivion).

e.) The list is very personal, but most of the titles will appeal to Hard SF readers and moviegoers looking for something more intelligent than tiny robots humping Megan Fox’s leg.

f.) If you like seeing robots hump Megan Fox’s leg then this list probably isn’t for you.

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